What Do The Unparalleled Facilities That Fullerton Hotel Have?

Who would expect that Fullerton Hotel was once the General Post Office of Singapore, in which the building has been there since 1928? The highly exquisite edifice was once becoming the Exchange Room and Exchange Reference Library. 

After some years, it became the base of the esteemed Singapore Club. For hundreds of years, this building has witnessed some events in the country until now. It is now turning out to be a very famous luxury hotel in Singapore.

Nicely Situated 

Situated in 1 Fullerton Square, Fullerton Hotel, every guest can expect to visit beautiful places within walking distance. Merlion Park and Odette, the National Gallery of Singapore. It is the most favorite among guests with family members. Meanwhile, business people don’t find difficulties in reaching Prudential Tower. Prudential Tower and Raffles Place MRT Station are easy to visit and next to several business districts.

Well, of course, Fullerton Hotel is still very close to amusement places due to its very close distance to Marina Bay Sands and Universal Studio Singapore. It is indeed the best accommodation for everyone in the family. Reaching Lucky Plaza and Singapore National Stadium doesn’t take more than five minutes by bike or foot. 

Facilities for All Ages and Purposes

Fullerton Hotel management understands that every guest has different needs. Adult and kids are pampered with the very excellent facilities in the hotel. For adult guests, facilities vary from a fitness center with all mod cons equipment to an outdoor pool and spa center where they can enjoy a sauna with a steam room and massage. 

For kids, the swimming pool is so clean. It has complete toys and kid-friendly equipment so they can play for the whole day. There is also a babysitting service for kids and also a place for pets. Of course, this hotel accommodates everyone’s demands.

Business facilities are also full of high technology equipment that suits perfectly well with the demand of world-class businessmen. The Lighthouse is the main meeting room on the top part of Fullerton Hotel can accommodate approximately fifty persons. The best part about this room is the wonderful Marina Bay waterfront views, as well as the skyline of the city. 

Another choice of business facilities here is Function Rooms with a bigger size. For sure, everything is uniquely furnished with the customized design that clients require. Services are outstanding and the audio-visual equipment is all highly organized. 

Accommodate First-Rate Events 

Fullerton Hotel has been the most favored destination for international events, where they are mostly held in The Straits Room on the 4th floor. This elite room is made perfectly for formal meetings or parties, as well as seminars and other gatherings. Regardless of its overall modern design, it still maintains the authentic elements from when the building was erected in 1928. The main delight of this room is the remarkable crystal chandeliers and ceiling motifs. 

With all of those outstanding facilities, Fullerton Hotel never fails to charm. Making an early booking is highly recommended because it is always fully booked. Checking out offers regularly is what most guests do because they can make the most of their luxury living experience in this place. 

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