2 Convenience Stores Trademark Indonesian Love the Most


Indonesian love convenience stores, because they exist almost everywhere. Even maybe in cities like Jakarta or Surabaya, you can find them every 500 meters. It makes them easy to access, and also they sell almost everything people need. Form foods, stationeries, toiletries, mobile data, etc. Here, there are two convenience store trademark Indonesia that are very famous among the public, and people love shipping them as a rival. What are those? 

Convenience Stores Trademark Indonesia and Its Rivalry

1. Indomaret Convenience Stores
Indomaret, born in 1988 in Ancol, Jakarta is a trademarked convenience store made by PT Indomarco Prismatama. It also works under the leadership of the Salim Group company. 
Indomaret is a convenience store with its blue, red, and yellow color trademark. Today, there are at least more than 16.000 stores of Indomaret around Indonesia, which make the public known and close with them. 
Therefore, the combination of blue, red, and yellow itself has now come as Indomaret characteristic, that there are no other convenience stores, or local shops, that also own the same or similar color combination, unless its biggest rival. 

2. Alfamart Convenience Stores
Alfamart is one year younger than Indomaret. Born in Karawaci, Tangerang in 1989, to PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya, Alfamart has always been Indomaret’s biggest rival.
Though the store's augmentation (until now they have around 14.000 stores or more) is not as numerous as Indomaret, Alfamart is well known for making a bigger profit percentage than Indomaret. 
Alfamart’s trademark is also a combination of red, blue, and yellow. But they tend to have a pale yellow than a bright one (the one Indomaret has). Make their logo look simpler than Indomaret's logo. Their Rivalry and Similarity
We searched on google, there are almost none of the lawsuits happening between the two of them. Reportedly, the Chief Marketing of Indomaret has claimed the Alfamart retail for copying their system and learning much from them. Yet, there is no report of fight or law involvement. The only fight they have been through was a twitter fight that ended up being only jokes.
The very little information about them being in a lawsuit for trademark similarity could be questioned. The fact that they also have almost the same mascot is also bizarre, just like the way they have the same color combination.
The mascot for both Alfamart and Indomaret is a bee, who is wearing a red shirt and blue shoes. But, the Indomaret’s one is also wearing a hat, while the Alfamart’s one has a longer antenna and stripped body instead.
Both of the companies also come with a new store type that is more luxurious, selling even warm food and beverages, has Wi-Fi Spot, and even a sitting area. This type of store looks like a Circle K, but local. PT Indomarco Prismatama comes with a store name 'Indomaret Point', while PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya comes with 'Alfa Express'.
Those are two gigantic convenience stores in Indonesia, their trademark, their rivalry, and their similarity that somehow, does not trigger a lawsuit or dispute.

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